„ABC OF DIVERSITY“ in Poznan and Berlin 18-22.6.2015 (Berlin) & 2.7.-6.7.2015 (Poznan)
In summer 2015 we invited a group of young people living in Poznan and Berlin to join the project „ABC of Diversity“ and develop an audio-visual dictionary.

We explored and experienced this two cities through a creative process using various artistic means such as photography, writing, theater and video.

We learned about the diversity of places through urban exploration, through interactions with architecture and lost spaces, and of course by meeting people of different origin. The past, the present and the future - we all went through a personal and intimate process by immersing ourselves in what we love and what we fear. On this site we collect drafts and documentations of those two weeks, along with two exhibition presented as work in progress in Berlin and Poznan.

ABC of Diversity - a project by
Drei Wünsche Frei, Berlin
Fundacja Fiedlerow , Poznan
Implemented within the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE programme with support from the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ)

Team Cheb Kammerer, Sharon Horodi, Anna Fiedler, Grażyna Wydrowska , Jakub Jasiukiewicz, Ola Lewin

Participants Valentino, Marcel, Valeria, Momo, Halina, Mohamad, Tomer, Ia, Elena, Miraida, Adam, Camila, Gabi, Christina, Narek