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Memorials - Remembering the Past or Recalling the Present Time

Diver/City 2: We visited three places of remembrance in Berlin.
The memorial place for the victims of Nazi "euthanasia", the morial to the „Murdered Jews of Europe“ and the „Memorial for Sinti and Roma, murdered during the time of Nationalsocialism“. We got involved in the particular architecture of the memorials, breathed the atmosphere, tried to imagine what really happened. We were looking for reasonable expressions of our feelings.

[Video by: Adam]

Whom to remember?
The dead or the living
The past or the present
No time to rest
No place to rest
No time to remember
No place to remember
Remembrance is on the fringes
[Text by: Halina]

[Video by: Valentino, Ia, Gabi and Valeria]


[Text and photos by Elena]

ABC of diversity - a project by Drei Wünsche Frei and Fundacja Fiedlerow
implemented within the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE programme with support from the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ)